Dontae Thompson's Journey From 'Inmate to FAMU Alumni' Is Inspiration for Everyone

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Dontae Thompson's Journey From 'Inmate to FAMU Alumni' Is Inspiration for Everyone

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Published May 3, 2017

  1. This is 25-year-old Dontae Thompson
  2. Thompson recently graduated from Florida A&M University and posted an Instagram post reflecting on his troubled past
  3. We spoke with Thompson about his life before attending college

    "Before I went to FAMU, I was a troubled adolescent following behind the wrong crowd. Out of 31 days in high school, I skipped 15. I barely graduated high school, and when I did, my parents put me out because of the path I was going down," Thompson told BET.

    "I was fortunate enough to be given a place to stay in a poverty-stricken house where I didn't have money for food or anything for that matter. A month after I went to jail, I got out and fell back into the same pattern and ended up homeless staying in a hotel. I eventually found a stable job and was able to get back on my feet and decided I wanted more in life and I asked for assistance from my family to help me enroll in college after being out of high school for three years."

  4. Thompson's post received an incredible amount of support

    "When I graduated from FAMU, it meant to me that I had finally lived up to my potential. I had finally made my parents proud," Thompson said.

  5. His story received over 50,000 shares on Facebook from people who were inspired by his 'glo up'

    "When I posted the photo, I had no idea the amount of attention it would get. I simply posted to show the obstacles I had overcome to prove that no matter what you may go through, If you stay focused and keep faith you can overcome anything," Thompson told BET. 

  6. Although we still live in a nation of social injustice and disenfranchisement, Thompson's story proves your past doesn't dictate your future
  7. Keep doing your thing, Dontae!

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Dorothea Thompson)


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