Parents of Officer Who Killed Jordan Edwards Say He 'Suffers From PTSD' as Calls to Charge Him With Murder Grow

Parents of Officer Who Killed Jordan Edwards Say He 'Suffers From PTSD' as Calls to Charge Him With Murder Grow

"Family man" Roy Oliver fathered two children born 12 days apart by wife and mistress.

Published May 4, 2017

The family of the former Balch Springs police officer responsible for shooting and killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards has come to his defense. According to Roy Oliver’s family, the U.S. Army veteran is a “family man” who may have been suffering from PTSD.

'”He is very honorable, very community driven. He was raised to consider more than just himself, to think about the community, and I'm very proud of him and the choices he's made,” Linda Oliver, Roy’s mother, told

“As a mother, I have compassion for the family and the loss of their child. It's just tragic. I retired from educating so I could have easily had him as a student at one point,” she added. 

Oliver’s father — also named Roy Oliver — claimed his son’s history in the service could have played a role in his actions.

Oliver completed two tours in Iraq and his father claimed he’s exhibited signs of PTSD, which was set off by “loud bangs, fireworks, or gunfire.”

“It could have been that. He was under a lot of mental strain,” Oliver Sr. told “He's seen a lot of death and destruction. He doesn't talk about it too much, not even to me.“

Oliver’s mother has also defended her son’s character by calling him a family man with two of his own children.

“He's a wonderful family man and father. He has two precious little ones himself,” Linda Oliver said.

However, according to, his two children were born to two separate mothers in the same month. His ex-wife, Amy Michelle, 39, gave birth to a girl named Alexa on July 3, 2015, while another woman — Oliver’s current girlfriend — gave birth to a boy named Tab July 15.

Oliver and his past have been called into question after his choice to shoot into a moving vehicle.

On Saturday, Oliver was called to a house party with teenagers after someone reportedly heard gunshots. When Oliver arrived, Edwards and his friends were attempting to leave. At some point during the altercation, Oliver used his rifle to shoot into the passenger side of the vehicle. Edwards suffered a gunshot wound to the head and died from his injuries.

Initially, Oliver and the Balch Springs Police Department claimed the vehicle was backing up towards him “in an aggressive manner,” yet it was later discovered that Oliver’s story was not an accurate account. Oliver was then fired from the department.

He has since appealed his termination. The police department is now deciding whether they will press charges. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP/REX/Shutterstock)


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