Man Verbally Attacks Muslim Family Screaming 'Donald Trump Got You Motherfuckers, Watch!'

(Photo: Noria Alward via Youtube)

Man Verbally Attacks Muslim Family Screaming 'Donald Trump Got You Motherfuckers, Watch!'

Alexander Downing was arrested for public intoxication.

Published May 11, 2017

While vacationing on South Padre Island in Texas, a family was confronted by an intoxicated man who spewed hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Based on a police report obtained by Buzzfeed News, Alexander Downing, of Waterford, Connecticut, went up to the family of 14 while they were relaxing on the beach

"You're a fucking Muslim, motherfucker," Downing said to the family. "You will never ever, ever stop me, my Christianity," the man says, "from rising above your sharia law. Your sharia law don't mean shit to me."

Sharia, referring to Sharia Law, is an Islamic code that has been used by news pundits and anti-Muslim people to instill Islamophobia in the American psyche.

  1. Noria Alward, 19, recorded and posted the video of Downing verbally harassing the family, children included.

    "Guess what? ISIS don't mean shit to me, motherfuckers," Downing said in the face of one of the family members. "Donald Trump will stop you. Donald Trump will stop you! Donald Trump got you motherfuckers. Watch... watch."

    Downing then grabbed his crotch area and told the family, "suck my dick."

  2. Eventually, the family called the police once Downing took off and headed towards the South Padre Pearl Hotel. However, he soon returned and continued with the expletives.

    "My country is the greatest country in the world," Downing screams. He then begins to thump his chest repeatedly with his fists, while shouting, "Come fuck with Donald Trump. That's my motherfucking president!"

    In the end, Downing was arrested by the South Padre Island Police Department, who told Buzzfeed he was detained because “he was intoxicated in a public place and was a danger to himself and others."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Noria Alward via Youtube)


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