Man Live Streams Setting Himself on Fire and Running Into Busy Bar to Get Back at Ex

Man Live Streams Setting Himself on Fire and Running Into Busy Bar to Get Back at Ex

Jared McLemore's ex-girlfriend said he wanted her to "see the horror for herself."

Published May 15, 2017

Patrons of a Memphis bar were horrified early Saturday morning when a 33-year-old musician doused himself in kerosene and lit himself on fire.

While streaming to Facebook Live, Jared McLemore poured kerosene on himself and walked into Murphy’s bar, where his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Moore was working as a sound engineer. He later died of his injuries. According to witnesses, McLemore waited until a band stopped performing and lit himself on fire, reported WREG.

"It was almost like he waited for us to be over so that he would be the center of attention," said Kimberly Koehler, a performer in the band Billie Dove. "He wanted it to go down in some sick way and for everybody to see it."

  1. Moore told Fox 13 she believed he did the act so “so she could see the horror for herself.” During her relationship with McLemore, Moore experienced domestic abuse and was forced to take out a restraining order against him.

    Last year, McLemore was reportedly arrested after choking Moore and threatening to kill her. Although she had a restraining order, Moore was still experiencing unwanted visits by McLemore.

    After McLemore set himself on fire, several patrons attempted to use their shirts to put him out. A second man was also taken to the hospital after suffering burns from attempting to knock the lighter out of McLemore’s hand.

    Several musicians started a GoFundMe page for Moore to help with the expense of her trauma therapy and damaged equipment.

Written by Rachel Herron


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