Video Shows Moments After Connecticut Police Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Jayson Negron

Video Shows Moments After Connecticut Police Fatally Shot 15-Year-Old Jayson Negron

His family believes the footage tells a different story than what they were told.

Published May 15, 2017

A video posted online possibly shows the moments after a Bridgeport police officer shot 15-year-old Jayson Negron. The video could be a crucial part of the investigation, as it shows a contradiction to the officer’s initial account of what happened to Negron, reported the Connecticut Post.

In the minute-long video — shared by the victim’s cousin Giovanni Rivera — someone who appears to be Negron is handcuffed and lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. As the video continues, the man lifts his head and repositions it on the pavement, meaning he was still alive. This evidence could be used to prove Negron was alive after the shooting, contradicting the claim that he died immediately from the gunshot. 

  1. On Tuesday, May 11, police in Bridgeport, Connecticut, said Negron and Julian Fyffe, 21, were driving a stolen a car. According to reports, police chased the car through a Walgreens parking lot. After the pursuit, the car allegedly backed into an officer, who fired his gun into the car, said police. Officer James Boulay, 30, reportedly shot Negron in the head and hit Fyffe in the shoulder.

    Fyffe was later taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

    Negron’s family believes the video shows the police were not completely forthright with their account.

    “It’s very painful to watch, but it’s very important we put it out there because we were lied to by the police,” Rivera told Hartford Courant.

    According to Rivera, Bridgeport police told the family Negron was killed on the scene after he was shot in the head. Rivera shared the video because he thinks they were lied to.  

    “If that crucial part of the story is a lie, everything else is up for question,” Rivera said.

  2. James Boulay, 30, has been placed on administrative leave while the department leads an investigation into Negron’s death, according to Bridgeport police spokesperson Rowena White.

    On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut released a statement Friday in response to the video.

    “The callous disregard that Bridgeport police officers showed for Jayson Negron during his last moments of life is unacceptable,” executive director David McGuire said. “Their behavior was outside the realms of human decency and democracy.”

Written by Rachel Herron


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