Hospital Slammed After Giving Pregnant Woman Trespass Notice for Using Bathroom While Visiting Uncle

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Hospital Slammed After Giving Pregnant Woman Trespass Notice for Using Bathroom While Visiting Uncle

Here's what Emory Healthcare had to say about the incident.

Published May 18, 2017

A hospital in Northeast Atlanta has received much criticism for giving a pregnant woman a notice of trespass for using the restroom while trying to visit a relative.  

On Saturday, Tameka Evans went to see her uncle at Emory University Hospital Midtown; however, when she arrived at the check-in desk, she was informed her uncle Alton Walker was moved to another facility in Atlanta.  

  1. Before she left, Evans — who is six months pregnant — asked a hospital employee if she could use the bathroom.

    According to Evans, the employee at the desk gave her permission, but when she returned, a security guard was waiting for her.

    "There was a security officer standing at the door, who told me that was criminal trespassing to use the restroom,” Evans told Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus.

    Evans was handed a notice and told to “leave the property of the hospital immediately for violating hospital regulations.”

  2. Evans spoke to WFTV 9 about the incident

    Alton Walker could not believe how his niece was treated by the hospital.

    "I don't like intimidation like that. I call it bullying,” Walker said. "They better take care of it. They've got to do something better,”

    The security personnel also told Evans she would be arrested if she returned to the premises.

    “[The security officer] told me if I was to come back a second time, that I would get locked up unless I was seeking medical attention,” Evans told Channel 2.

  3. Following the incident, Emory Healthcare released a statement on Tuesday

    "Emory Healthcare is continuing to review this situation. The document issued is not a ticket — it is a notice stating that the hospital is private property, and is available for our patients and their visitors.

    "During the course of this investigation, however, the Emory Healthcare Public Safety Team has asked to look further at situations like this and will work to refine and improve our policies and practices regarding visitors to our facilities.”

  4. Although the hospital promised to investigate the incident, many Atlanta residents have called out Emory for their treatment of Evans

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


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