Tomi Lahren Is Getting Roasted for New 'Side Gig' as Pro-Trump Group Adviser

Tomi Lahren is pictured this morning arriving at the ABC Studios to make an appereance at The View in New York City, New York.
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Tomi Lahren Is Getting Roasted for New 'Side Gig' as Pro-Trump Group Adviser

"Isn't this your only gig?"

Published May 23, 2017

Former TV host Tomi Lahren has recently taken a "side gig" working as a Senior Adviser of Communications for Great America Alliance — a nonprofit promoting Trump's agenda, reported the Dallas Morning News. The job will be a placeholder while the conservative pundit weighs her various TV options. However, some skeptics think this is her only option.

  1. "I've got a couple things on the table that I'm making some decisions on," Lahren told Dallas News. "It's just deciding which direction I want to go. I enter into everything very carefully now because of my past experience."

    Lahren was the host of her own show on The Blaze; however, after making an appearance on The View, wherein she discussed being pro-life, Lahren was suspended from her show. After a fallout between herself and Blaze owner Glenn Beck, Lahren was indefinitely removed from the air. 

    Although Lahren was extremely pro-Trump on her show, the 24-year-old insists this will be a new beginning for her. 

    "I add some new flavor and some youth to it," Lahren told Dallas News regarding her working for Great America Alliance. "This isn't about being a Trump cheerleader — this is about being an America first cheerleader."

  2. Lahren's new 'side gig' immediately received blowback from people who oppose her and her beliefs
  3. Others doubt this new job will be anything more than Lahren acting as Trump's puppet

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Elder Ordonez / Splash News)


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