White Woman Caught on Video Calling a Man 'Spic' Inside a Sprint Store

White Woman Caught on Video Calling a Man 'Spic' Inside a Sprint Store

Tiffany Cormier was invited by the company CEO to explain her "ugly language."

Published May 23, 2017

A woman inside a Sprint store in Manassas, Virginia, was recorded using racist and offensive language towards another customer in the store. The recording of the woman has since gone viral and inspired the CEO of Sprint to invite her and the customer she offended to hold a dialogue. 

The woman — identified by The Root as Tiffany Cormier — was taped talking on the phone to what appears to be a Sprint representative. When she talks about the different locations of the stores, a man — who identified himself as Juan — tried to assist her. She immediately cut him off and told him not to talk to her. Not long after, Cormier is heard calling Juan a "spic."

  1. Throughout the video, the woman can be heard threatening Juan and alleging that her husband would fight him. 

    According to the Root, Cormier's husband is also Hispanic. However, his identity remains unknown. It was also reported that she was fired from her job with American Airlines as a result of the video, yet the company has not confirmed her employment status. 

  2. The video was posted to Twitter and YouTube and received millions of views
  3. Marcelo Claure, President and CEO of Sprint, released a statement condemning the language in the video and asked all involved customers to meet with him

    "This weekend a customer at a dealer store in Manassas, Virginia, insulted another customer by using profane, threatening and ugly language.
    "A video of the exchange was posted to Twitter and has been viewed by millions. I and thousands of my Sprint colleagues were disgusted by what we saw. 
    "This behavior violates a fundamental Sprint value of treating everyone with respect.
    "Unfortunately, we’re seeing an increase in hate speech like this across the country. No one deserves to hear this kind of language.
    "This has got to stop. It’s time to talk. It’s time to learn. It’s time to heal.
    "That’s why I’m inviting this woman and her husband to meet privately with me so I can better understand what drives comments and behavior like this. I’d like to share my views with her as well.
    "I also invite the customer she attacked, Juan, to meet with me.
    "This kind of behavior is not tolerated in any Sprint workplace. We value our diverse customer base and thousands of minority employees. We will confront head-on those who violate the respect that our customers and employees deserve.
    "We’ve worked hard at Sprint to create and maintain a welcoming, respectful and diverse culture. My 30,000 employees join me in standing up for our core values and not tolerating such inappropriate behavior. We will not compromise our principles by allowing divisive or hateful language to go unchecked in our stores or offices," read the statement.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Grant via Youtube)


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