White Woman Calls a Black Walmart Shopper a 'N****r' and Verbally Attacks Latina

White Woman Calls a Black Walmart Shopper a 'N****r' and Verbally Attacks Latina

Eva Hicks posted the horrendous incident to Facebook.

Published May 24, 2017

A viral video out of Arkansas showing a white woman verbally harass a Latina woman and use the n-word on a bystander has many examining the apparent rise in racist rhetoric and hate speech. 

Eva Hicks — who is of Hispanic descent — was shopping at a Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas, when she encountered an unidentified woman. As the altercation escalated, Hicks pulled out her phone and began recording the woman and her racist language. 

  1. In the video, the woman in the blue shirt can be heard telling Hicks to “go back to Mexico.” As Hicks tries to explain that she was just trying to get her medicine, the woman continued to hurl offensive language. 

    “You’re in America,” the woman said to Hicks. “This is not your country....we don’t want you here!”

    Then a Black shopper told the woman to “stop being ignorant.” The white woman then directed her insults to this shopper.

    “A n****r is calling me ignorant?” the woman said.  

    “Yes,” the Black woman said in response. “All this go back to Mexico and all that stuff, yes, absolutely.”

    Eventually, the store's assistant manager named Wes intervened and made the woman leave. 

  2. Hicks posted the video to Facebook and it went viral after getting shared by Shaun King
  3. The video received thousands of comments from furious people
  4. Walmart has attempted to reach out to Hicks and the Black woman in the store

    Randy Hargrove, senior director of Walmart Media Relations, told NBC that the woman who insulted Hicks and the other shopper will be banned from all stores once she is identified.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Shaun King via Twitter)


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