White Student Caught on Video Calling His Asian Teacher a 'Whack-Ass N***a'

White Student Caught on Video Calling His Asian Teacher a 'Whack-Ass N***a'

Many are asking why he wasn't body slammed like the Black student who was using her cellphone.

Published May 26, 2017

A viral video showing an irate white student screaming in the face of his Asian teacher has resulted in a conversation about the inequalities in punishing disruptive students. 

In the clip, the unidentified student screams at a teacher he calls Dr. Shu. The entire time, Dr. Shu keeps his cool. However, the student becomes angrier and eventually storms out of the room while calling Shu a "whack-ass n***a."

  1. Throughout the clip, no other student intervenes in the horrendous outburst

    Other students can be heard laughing at the student's disrespect. Although the school nor the student has been identified, many are hoping a swift punishment comes his way. 

    This incident has been compared to the 2015 incident during which a South Carolina officer body slammed a Black student for being disruptive in class. 

  2. Many feel the white student did not receive the same threatening punishment because of his race

    "But the black girl who silently refused to leave class was body slammed suspended and told she deserved it," one person commented on The Root.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Morgan Harvill via Twitter)


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