Devastating Details Behind Teen Killed Hours After High School Graduation

(Photo: LeDajrick Cox via Twitter)

Devastating Details Behind Teen Killed Hours After High School Graduation

LeDajrick Cox was shot for defending a friend against sexual harassment.

Published May 30, 2017

Members of a Dallas community were devastated by the terrible killing of a beloved teenager who had just graduated from high school.

LeDajrick Cox, 18, was the prom king, homecoming king, and voted best all-around at Carter High School.

“He just wanted to do the right thing, wanted to achieve, just tried so hard,” his father Reginald Henry told Fox 4. “I was real proud of him.”

On Saturday, Cox had graduated from high school and went out to celebrate with four friends — three men and one woman. Just before 2 a.m. on Sunday, Cox and his friends pulled into the parking lot at a 7-Eleven. At one point, the female member of the group was getting cat-called and sexually harassed by three different men in a Kia Optima.

Cox and his friends tried to stand up for her and diffuse the situation.

“Knowing him, he was trying to talk his way out of the situation,” said Henry.

After a brief altercation, Cox and the rest of his friends pulled out of the parking lot; however, the men in the Kia followed them, said police. Eventually, the men pulled up beside their vehicle and opened fire.

Cox took a bullet to his head and side and died hours later at Parkland Hospital. The other two boys were injured but survived and are in recovery.

After high school, Cox had plans to play college football at Navarro or Prairie View. Henry knows his son’s spirit was a major influence on the family.

“You know, he was my only son. That was it. He has siblings and they look up to him and they were just so happy for him just to see him happy,” his father told Fox 4. “It's just over. It feels like a part of me is just hurt.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: LeDajrick Cox via Twitter)


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