Family Mourns the Loss of Heroic Teen Who Acted as a Human Shield During Mississippi Rampage

Family Mourns the Loss of Heroic Teen Who Acted as a Human Shield During Mississippi Rampage

Jordan Blackwell protected his younger cousin during the shooting spree.

Published May 30, 2017

Family and friends are mourning the loss of an 18-year-old who was killed protecting his younger cousin during the Mississippi shooting spree.

On Saturday, Caleb Edwards, 15, and Jordan Blackwell, 18, played video games when a gunman — who was identified as Willie Corey Godbolt — entered their residence. At one point, Godbolt asked where Edwards’s parents were. When he found out they were in another town, Godbolt opened fire. 

In midst of the chaos, Blackwell used his body to shield his younger cousin Caleb from the bullets.

"He loved me enough to take some bullets for me," Caleb told the Associated Press on Sunday.

Jordan was a skilled linebacker about to enter his senior year. He had recently started receiving interest from colleges, including Jackson State University. 

Also present in the room was Caleb's 11-year-old brother, Austin Edwards, who died as a result of the gunfire.

Austin and Jordan were two of the eight people killed over the weekend as a result of Godbolt’s shooting rampage. The shooting occurred as a result of a domestic dispute, according to police. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation also identified the following victims: Barbara Mitchell, 55; Brenda May, 53; Tocarra May, 35; Ferral Burage, 45; Shelia Burage, 46; and deputy William Durr, 36. 

Jordan and Austin's family could not believe the young men were victims of a terrible crime.

"A nightmare. I couldn’t believe when I walked in the house. I saw his body on the floor, and my nephew on the couch. My sister and I were trying to wake them up, we told them to get up, but they didn’t," Caleb’s mother, Shayla Edwards, told the Clarion-Ledger. "It all feels like a dream. I feel like I’m getting ready to wake up and my son will be coming down that hall talking noise like he does."

Investigators said Willie Corey Godbolt, 35, will be charged with one count of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Sebastian Wasiak / EyeEm)


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