Teen Tragically Dies in Horrific Accident While Driving Red Corvette His Mom Rented for Prom

Teen Tragically Dies in Horrific Accident While Driving Red Corvette His Mom Rented for Prom

Taletrius "TJ" Bradley was planning to attend college on a football scholarship.

Published May 31, 2017

19-year-old Taletrius “TJ” Bradley was hoping to play football in college. However, a fatal car accident after prom night ended the life of the South Florida football star.   

Bradley had just dropped off his prom date and picked up his friend Demetrius Palmer, 17, in the red Corvette Bradley’s mother rented for her son. At one point on State Road 7 and Sunrise Boulevard, Bradley lost control of the vehicle and both teens were ejected from the car, reported the Miami Herald.

Jevon Glenn, coach of the Deerfield Beach High School football team, received a call after midnight on Sunday morning notifying him of the accident. According to Glenn, both Bradley and Palmer were transported to Broward Health Medical Center, but Bradley died on Tuesday morning as a result of his severe brain injuries.

“TJ was just a great young man who had some obstacles earlier in his life and was taking all the necessary steps to overcome it,” Glenn told the Miami Herald. “He was getting ready to graduate this week and go off to college next month. It’s really hard to see life kind of be snatched away really at the beginning for him.”

  1. Although Bradley was a great student academically, he recently received football scholarships from schools such as Morgan State and Virginia Union.

    “He was going to be a late signee,” Glenn said. “He had options.”

    Palmer, Bradley’s friend and teammate, is still in critical condition.

    “He’s still in critical condition,” Glenn said of Palmer. “We’re not in the clear yet, but he’s showing signs of progress. He’s got some head injuries, but they’re continuing to do brain scans and so far they’ve been coming back good. But obviously with all the swelling and things they’re going to keep him sedated so they can keep monitoring him.

  2. Glenn canceled the team’s workout Tuesday in order to have a meeting among the players and coaches.

    “We just kind of talked among ourselves,” Glenn told the Sun-Sentinel. “We used the time to really celebrate T.J.’s life and to continue to pray for Demetrius.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: supremeJahmal via Instagram)


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