This Student Had a Special Subway Graduation Ceremony After Missing His on a Delayed Train

This Student Had a Special Subway Graduation Ceremony After Missing His on a Delayed Train

Jerich Marco Alcantara's nightmare turned into an unforgettable occasion.

Published June 2, 2017

  1. On Tuesday, Jerich Marco Alcantara was excited and ready to attend his nursing commencement ceremony for Hunter College

    Jerich did not attend Hunter's general graduation because he couldn't get enough tickets for all of his friends and family. So, on Tuesday morning, Jerich and his guests boarded an E train to make their way to the 10:00 a.m. ceremony.

  2. While en route to his ceremony, Jerich and his family were stuck underground due to a broken subway train

    The train stalled for two hours and passengers were eventually moved to another train, which moved slowly due to signal malfunctions. 

    "We were getting frustrated as time passed on the train, and others on the train were visibly annoyed," Jerich told BuzzFeed News. 

    At one point, passenger Nadiya Afzal, 26, heard Jerich say he was going to miss his graduation. As she looked on, she witnessed Jerich's friends do something remarkable, which inspired her to pull out her phone and hit record. 

  3. Jerich's friends, along with many strangers on the subway, decided to throw a special ceremony just for him
  4. On of Jerich's friends made a diploma on his phone that read 'Certificate of good job, Yu r a nurse now maybe'

    Although he missed the actual ceremony, Jerich was very happy and felt special to be treated so kindly by his friends and strangers. 

    "The train graduation was really fun and made me feel really special even though the train was filled with strangers," Jerich told BuzzFeed. "Everyone was extremely kind and positive."

  5. Just before noon, Jerich and his family eventually arrived to the venue and were still able to grab some pictures

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jerich Alcantara via Instagram)


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