This City Employee Allegedly Stole $93,000 in Funds to Pay for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Bills

(Photo: Alachua County Jail)

This City Employee Allegedly Stole $93,000 in Funds to Pay for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Bills

Natwaina Clark funneled half the money into her personal PayPal account.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 15, 2017 / 05:08 PM

A former employee for the city of Gainesville, Florida, was accused of stealing nearly $100,000 in funds to pay for bills and cosmetic surgery.

Natwaina Clark, 33, a former city staff specialist, stole $93,000 from the city and used $8,500 for a Brazilian butt lift procedure, according to a report released Wednesday.

In addition, Clark, whose salary was $33,500, channeled city money into her PayPal account and used the other funds for her cable television bill, food, highway tolls, a television and other expenses. Clark used a city-provided credit card and her boss’s credit card for the purchases.

Here’s the breakdown of how Clark used the money:

$41,000 sent to her PayPal account

$8,500 for a Brazilian butt lift

$2,413 in cable bills

$1,011 spent at CVS

$739 at Sam’s Club for food items

$680 for a SunPass toll road account

$123.16 on Edible Arrangement gift

City department heads didn’t notice the excess spending for over year. Eventually, the department realized it was over budget and looked into the legitimacy of the purchases.

It wasn't until the department was found to have overspent its budget that the legitimacy of some of the purchases was questioned.

Clark was fired on March 21 while she was vacationing on a cruise and she was arrested shortly after on March 28. Clark was charged with larceny and scheme to defraud and pleaded not guilty.

To make matters worse, Clark’s supervisors described her as an intelligent employee who could even have earned promotions had she not stolen from the city.

In the past, Clark had been arrested in other Florida counties for using an HR position to illegally obtain other employees' banking and personal information before selling the data to a third party.

She was charged with seven felonies but those were dismissed after she pleaded no contest and served probation.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Alachua County Jail)


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