This Woman Said 'Disowning the Hood Is Economic Suicide' and Sparked an Intense Debate

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This Woman Said 'Disowning the Hood Is Economic Suicide' and Sparked an Intense Debate

Some are with Amber Payton while others think she's naive.

Published June 21, 2017

  1. A woman on Facebook recently made an interesting argument about going 'back to the hood' and rebuilding

    In Amber Payton's argument, she talks about how "the hood" helped many Black people establish a sense of intuition and community that is hard to find elsewhere. However, in many hoods, people that earn enough income typically move out, and leave the area economically instable. 

    Based on Payton's post, she believes those from a higher income bracket should go back to those neighborhoods, buy land and help contribute to a growing economy. Historically, there were several Black neighborhoods that had the economic growth and power of Wall Street during America's development. However, in many instances, those communities were destroyed to make room for infrastructure. 

  2. Payton's friend's were very inspired by her message
  3. One commenter broke down gentrification and the types of neighborhoods she'd like to see

    "You know I was just thinking this as I recently learned that I live in a gentrified area, after relocating to a new city. When ppl hear I live downtown, natives' first reaction is "well years ago you wouldn't have ever wanted to live down there." My initial thought to myself when someone said this was "dang, if only I was surrounded by Black money. How empowering that would be and feel!" We have so much power. Just last week in an Essence podcast, Charlemagne the god said he was never impressed with now being the only black family on his street. And I totally get it. I guess the same could be said about how we leave our Black schools behind - similar to our 'hood.' We should know by now to rebuild anything that benefits us will have to come from us. #FUBU," wrote Latasha Brown on Facebook. 

  4. However, other people who saw the post believed Payton's idea was not fully formed

    "Nah, I'm never going back if I can help it 😭 The point was to get out. I can try and help others get out but that's about it. Most of the hood don't want to change, or they think it can't even though it's been proven time and again that change is always possible. Her intentions are good though," said one person on Instagram. 

    "Spending money in a place where the community itself doesn't value the community itself is egregious. Why would [anyone] invest resources into people or places that don't care about themselves, that's not mean, that's just reality. Instead of making a pitch that the 'hood' needs middle class people to invest and making moves financially, go for this pitch: the 'hood' needs people who want to come help destroy the very mindset that has helped them (us) destroy ourselves. Success if about your behaviours. mindsets, and the reaction we have to adversity. From my experience I feel as if the 'hood' has a self-destructive thought process that will forever keep it down. Success isn't labeling yourself as middle class and then spending money. Success is unlocking your brain from the chains that have marginalized your personal growth, chains that the 'hood' put on you (us). This isn't about money, this game is about mindset. Money is easy to make but the hood mindset makes it easier to blow," wrote Sylvester McNutt.

    Where do you fall in this debate? Let us know in the comment section. 

Written by Rachel Herron

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