Newlyweds on Their Honeymoon Accused of Abducting and Raping a 27-Year-Old Woman

Newlyweds on Their Honeymoon Accused of Abducting and Raping a 27-Year-Old Woman

Rashada Hurley and Timothy Lowe were arrested after shoplifting from a store naked.

Published July 17th

A Georgia couple has been accused of kidnapping and raping a woman while on their honeymoon in Miami.

Rashada Hurley, 32, and Timothy Lowe, 37, have been jailed in Miami-Dade County and currently face kidnapping, carjacking, robbery and sexual battery charges, the Miami Herald reported.

According to police, the 27-year-old victim was pulling out of a parking space at Publix grocery story on Sunday with the driver’s side window down. The woman told authorities that as she drove her car in reverse, Hurley jumped out and hit her with something in the head, knocking her unconscious,. 

When the woman woke up, Hurley was choking her and Lowe was driving her car into a Motel 6. The couple used the unidentified woman’s credit card to pay for a room at the motel, said police.

The victim said while she was inside the motel room, the couple forced her to have intercourse and perform oral sex on Hurley. Later, while Hurley and Lowe were distracted, the victim was able to make an escape.

The next day, Hurley and Lowe entered a 7-11 naked and grabbed a couple of sodas worth $2.14 without paying. Police arrested the naked couple a block away from the store after receiving a 911 call.

Hurley and Lowe have been denied bond on the kidnapping charges and are awaiting trial.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos: Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center)


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