Toddler Just Shy of His 2nd Birthday Died After Getting Trapped in a Hot BMW for Nearly Two Hours

Toddler Just Shy of His 2nd Birthday Died After Getting Trapped in a Hot BMW for Nearly Two Hours

Khayden Saint Saveur may have wandered into the car without his family noticing.

Published July 17th

Police in Delray Beach, Florida, identified a toddler who was found unconscious in a hot car on Saturday as Khayden Saint Saveur. According to officials, Khayden was about a month shy of his second birthday.

At some point on Saturday, Khayden became trapped inside a BMW parked outside a home for up to two hours, reported the Sun Sentinel.

“It’s tragic,” Carly Saint Saveur, the child’s uncle, told Sun Sentinel. “He was such an active kid. I don’t know why this happened.”

Dani Moschella, public information officer for Delray Beach Police, said when police responded to the vehicle around 3:20 p.m., the child was unconscious. Police were able to get Khayden out of the car because the front seat was unlocked.

Upon finding the toddler, officers pulled him out of the car and administered CPR until Delray Beach Fire Rescue arrived and took him to Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

Khayden was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Police said the toddler would have turned 2 years old on Aug. 24. Before finding his way to the car, police suspect Khayden had been playing with other young family members. He may have been in the car for two hours before his family realized he was missing, Moschella said.

Carly Saint Saveur said the BMW belonged to the boy’s father, Action Saint Saveur.

There was one adult in the home, Moschella said. It was unclear how the child got into the car, but he likely got in through the front door, she said.

car sitting out in South Florida’s July heat can reach 150 degrees in minutes, police say.

At the little boy's house Saturday evening, the cars of family members and friends lined the street and several groups of people stood outside speaking in hushed tones.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Family of Khayden Saint Saveur)


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