This Guy's Story About Getting Brutally Curved During a Game of Truth or Dare Has Us in Tears

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This Guy's Story About Getting Brutally Curved During a Game of Truth or Dare Has Us in Tears

Kids can be so cruel.

Published August 5, 2017

Social media can be used for a lot of things – announcing triumphs, hate, news. The list goes on.

  1. Perhaps most hilarious is people’s most embarrassing experiences and for a 25-year-old British Columbian man named Will, a childhood scaring went from just a few people remembering to everyone on social media knowing.

    You see, Will was scrolling through Twitter recently and responded to a guy asking about the time “you got curved the worst.” Well for Will, he replied, “When I was younger, we were playing truth or dare at this party and this cute girl I liked dared me to go home. I ain't played since.”

    The internet pretty much simultaneously fell out of their proverbial chairs as the tweet got over 124,000 likes and 39,000 retweets. Will, whose Twitter handle is @ThereGoesWill, then followed up his tweet wanting to tell the whole story, but felt it was too long. That’s when Buzzfeed asked him about it, and he explained what happened.

    "It was the summer before eighth grade," he began. "One of my friends invited me to a party that was supposed to be the biggest party before school started.

    “This girl I had this huge crush on [Serena] was there. I showed up to the party and everyone was complimenting my clothes 'cause I picked them out for an hour beforehand [laughter]. I was having a good time — some of us were drinking, most weren't drinking. We sat down and played Truth or Dare an hour or two after we got there. I purposely sat across from Serena and figured I'd ask her something. But that didn't pan out.

    “Everyone was picking truths! There was nothing major, though, just stuff like, 'Have you ever kissed so-and-so?' etc. So Serena gets chosen to go against me. I didn't want to say truth so she'd think I was a p***y. I picked dare. I thought she'd pick something fun…

    "She gives me a smirk and said, 'I dare you to go home,' and everyone started laughing. And I started laughing 'cause I didn't even believe it."

    Will also told the website he was laughing and playing along, but he was actually pretty hurt deep down.

    "I was hurt. It was a shock," he concluded. "It was completely different than what I was expecting."

    Social media’s reactions to the story were damn near as funny as the original tweet. Check out the original tweet and reaction to it below.

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Written by Paul Meara

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