Graphic Video Shows Ohio Officer Violently Beat 25-Year-Old Richard Hubbard For Several Minutes During Traffic Stop

(Photo: Euclid Police Department)

Graphic Video Shows Ohio Officer Violently Beat 25-Year-Old Richard Hubbard For Several Minutes During Traffic Stop

The cop has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Published August 18, 2017

Videos from an eyewitness and police dash cam, which show the brutal beating of a Black man by police in Euclid, Ohio, have sparked outrage.

On August 12, Euclid Police Officer Michael Amiott pulled Richard Hubbard III for rolling through an intersection. However, the fairly routine traffic stop became violent when Amiott began kicking and punching the 25-year-old as he remained defenseless on the ground.

In the dash cam footage, Hubbard steps out of silver Hyundai and takes part in a brief exchange with Amiott. Hubbard is then shoved against the vehicle and begins to struggle. Amiott’s partner then comes over to assist as Amiott kicks Hubbard.

The next thing seen is Officer Amiott crouched over Hubbard while administering several punches to his head and face. The beating continues for several minutes.

As the punches continue, a woman in the car starts yelling at the officer to stop and tells the officers Hubbard is not armed. At no point in the video does it appear that Hubbard retaliates with an attempt to fight back. Eventually, Hubbard is arrested and taken to the police cruiser.

On Saturday, Euclid Police alleged that Hubbard “began physically resisting” when the officer tried to take him in. Officer Amiott was placed on paid administrative leave while officials reviewed video of the encounter.

Mr. Hubbard’s injuries were examined at the Cuyahoga County Jail where he posted bond after being charged with driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest.

A witness to the beating also captured video and posted it to Facebook, where it has been viewed over seven million times. In the video, shared by Lashaunda Malone, a child and woman can be heard asking what’s happening and expressing their disbelief.

Protesters gathered at City Hall on Saturday and Monday, demanding officials re-evaluate the incident.

On Wednesday, the city’s chief of police, Scott Meyer, issued an apology for the delayed response.

“I can understand and appreciate the great concern and alarm of those who have seen or heard of the videos involving the arrest of Richard Hubbard III,” Meyer said in his statement. “I want to personally assure everyone that this incident is being thoroughly investigated.”

“Our officers are committed to proactively, conscientiously, and fairly addressing our very real crime control issues, particularly violent crime and gun crime,” he added.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Euclid Police Department)


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