This Former Texas Officer With A Shotgun Threatened To Shoot Looters Stealing From Closed Supermarket

This Former Texas Officer With A Shotgun Threatened To Shoot Looters Stealing From Closed Supermarket

The vigilante's actions started a heated debate on hurricane survival.

Published September 1, 2017

In addition to the national news coverage Tropical Storm Harvey has received, people on the ground have uploaded photos and videos to give a better understanding of the storm's effects.

One woman's video captured a man, who claimed to be a former police officer, protecting a store from looters by standing outside with a shotgun. 

The unidentified man did not state what department he worked with, but he did claim to be a SWAT deputy and said the area needed more people like him to protect stores and homes from looters. 

“It’s a shame. We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live. This storm is temporary," the man said to the woman holding the camera. 

As he spoke, he noticed people attempting to flee the store with items, which prompted him to issue a threat.

"“Hey, you go back in the store, I’m telling you one time, I ain’t afraid to shoot you. I’m a ex-f*** SWAT deputy; I will cut your ass in half!" he yelled.  "I ain’t got no problem shooting and I still got my license."

After the video was posted to the Wayne Dupree Blog, people began to debate whether or not the man was right or wrong. 

"Anyone caught looting during a NATIONAL Catastrophe can get LIFE IN PRISON! It is a crock. The only KARMA, would be if they take the stuff and they are in the flood it will be useless. STUPID PEOPLE! STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!" Cheryl M wrote on the blog.

Whereas others felt the situation may call for unlawful acts if people's lives depend on it. 

"Well Hmm. I dk about that Wayne. How about paint ball bullets? Or just cap them in the knee? Do you srsly need to cut a person in half with bullets... for all you know it could be a flood victim who hasn't had food or WATER for days... what if they have a baby that's about to take her last breath? THEN WHAT?" wrote Kimberly M. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: TexasProud via Youtube)


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