Read the Inauguration Letter Barack Obama Left for Donald Trump

(Photos from left: Win McNamee/Getty Images, John Moore/Getty Images)

Read the Inauguration Letter Barack Obama Left for Donald Trump

Sources close to Trump say he "cherished" the note.

Published September 3, 2017

Back when he was first inaugurated, Donald Trump confirmed reports that he had received the traditional letter a preceding president leaves for his predecessor.

Now, we’re getting a first-hand look at just what the letter said. Of course, since it was penned by Barack Obama, it had to be complementary and elegant even though he was probably biting through a metal spoon the entire time he was writing it.

Initially obtained by CNN, the letter describes the presidency as “a unique office with no clear blueprint for success.” The 44th President also says the office is a position of leadership that’s of the utmost importance.   

“It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War, and upon which our wealth and safety depend,” he wrote.

President Trump reportedly cherishes the letter and even tried to call Barack Obama after receiving it.

“Trump, however, is said to cherish Obama’s missive,” CNN White House Producer Kevin Liptak reported. “Upon reading it on Inauguration Day, he attempted to place a phone call to the former president expressing his gratitude, according to both a current White House official and a former Obama aide. His predecessor was traveling west to California with his family, and couldn't take the call.”

It seems that all of the so-called love between the two was short-lived, at least on Trump’s side. Since taking office, The Donald has accused Obama of illegally wire-tapping his office, tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act, his signature piece of legislation, and hasn’t really said anything nice about his predecessor since.

See CNN’s news package on Barack Obama’s letter to Donald Trump below and read the letter here.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photos from left: Win McNamee/Getty Images, John Moore/Getty Images)


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