Video Of A Black Man Going In On A White Officer Who Allegedly Drew His Gun During Traffic Stop Goes Viral

(Photo: Randell Minott via Facebook)

Video Of A Black Man Going In On A White Officer Who Allegedly Drew His Gun During Traffic Stop Goes Viral

Many believe Randell Minott accurately captured what people of color experience behind the wheel.

Published September 11, 2017

A video recorded by a Black man during a traffic stop is gaining attention from people across the nation because of its depiction of driving while Black. 

In the video, originally posted by Randell Minott on Facebook, an unidentified officer is blasted for allegedly drawing his gun during a traffic stop for failing to use a turn signal. 

  1. The video was shared by several people on Twitter and picked up by media sites

    The original caption for the video read:

    "MICHEAL BENNET a rich football player and they threw his ass on the floor and pushed a gun in his head for nothing and still you lost souls still jump on every video defending these dudes. If you have a problem with the way I talk to a cop who ILLEGALLY POINTED A GUN AT MY HEAD then LEAVE THIS COUNTRY (see what I did there #LOL) Because last I check its in my constitutional rights #GoAmerikkka

    "If he made a mistake and killed me him and his partner would of made up any kind of lie to get him off...even if they had to make me seem like I was up to something. The day a POLICE OFFICER snitches on his fellow BAD OFFICER and GET REWARDED FOR IT instead of bashed I will start trusting police... until then you know the drill!!!"

  2. Many people believe the video accurately depicts the fear Black people experience when they are pulled over by police

    "You came to the car with your gun out," Minott says in the video. "For what? Do you have no conscience? Do you see what the fuck is going on TV?"

    During parts of the video, the officer keeps his hand on his gun and holds on to his vest while occasionally saying, "OK." 

  3. Many were disappointed in the officer's lack of response

    Minott has made the rest of his social media accounts private and has not spoken out about the incident. He also appears to be a musical artist under the name Jimmy Spliff, comes from East Orange, New Jersey. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Randell Minott via Facebook)


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