Woman's Story Of How She Figured Out She Had The #SameBae As Her Coworker Will Be Your New Favorite Twitter Thread

091117-news-same-bae (Photo: AyanaTheDiva via Twitter)

Woman's Story Of How She Figured Out She Had The #SameBae As Her Coworker Will Be Your New Favorite Twitter Thread

And the way Ayana pulled off the big reveal will have you screaming.

Published September 11, 2017

Through much of the hardship and head scratching moments of 2017, Twitter has undoubtedly come through with some of the best #bae threads to keep us entertained. #Hurtbae and #Uberbae may be things of the past, but a woman's story of #samebae will have you screaming. 

26-year-old Ayana The Diva was living with her boyfriend in Atlanta. Although things were going well for the couple, an unfaithful move on his part resulted in Ayana pulling off the best "gotcha" plan and the story of #samebae was born. 

"I've been cheated on before, so this wasn't my first rodeo in a situation like this. Throughout my relationships I've learned how to get answers," Ayana told BET News. 

  1. According to Ayana it all began when she got a new job at a restaurant and her coworker was showing pictures of her boo
  2. Ayana and her coworker were both new and clicked immediately
  3. Soon enough, the two realized they had the same taste in men
  4. But things became suspicious when her coworker began searching for her boo on instagram
  5. Ayana quickly realized she and the coworker had the #samebae
  6. Ayana played it cool while watching another woman talk about her boyfriend
  7. She never let on that she was dating the unnamed bae
  8. Even when her coworker implied the two of them were together
  9. Instead of freaking out, Ayana devised a perfectly petty plan
  10. Ayana invited her coworker to the home where she lives with her boyfriend

    "Me getting angry with the girl on the spot wouldn't have done anything for me. She was innocent," Ayana told BET News. "I needed her to tell me everything which is why I remained so calm. Before I would just react and be ready to fight."

  11. The whole time she kept her composure
  12. Ayana hoped her boyfriend would be home
  13. When she saw his car in the garage, Ayana knew it was about to go down

    Ayana said she was not nervous before they reached her home because she had a feeling something was going on. 

    "I was more so over it on the ride home. I had my suspicions but this just took the cake. I will say he did not know we worked together. But the fact that she literally lived right down the street from me meant he had absolutely no respect for me even possibly finding out," Ayana told BET News. 

  14. Eventually Ayana's boyfriend emerged from the bathroom and the reaction was 'priceless'
  15. Ayana's coworker was upset she got played
  16. And her boyfriend has no excuses
  17. Ayana posted the thread in the middle of packing up her now ex-boyfriend's things and the coworker called out of work

    Since #samebae became a trending topic, Ayana and her coworker have resolved the issue. 

    "My coworker is very sweet. She had no idea. I was never mad at her. She has seen the thread and I apologized for not letting her know before hand," Ayana told BET News. "I also apologized to her for having to relive the moment via social media. She seemed forgiving."

    As for her ex, the lines of communication have remained closed. 

    "The only thing I have texted him is to come get his stuff from out of my house!"

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AyanaTheDiva via Twitter)


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