Parents Who Were Called Out For Abusive Pranks Of Their Kids On YouTube Get Probation For Child Neglect

(Photo: DaddyOFive via Facebook)

Parents Who Were Called Out For Abusive Pranks Of Their Kids On YouTube Get Probation For Child Neglect

A psychologist said Michael and Heather Martin caused their children "mental injury."

Published September 12, 2017

The parents who posted pranks on their children to the controversial “DaddyOFive” YouTube channel have been sentenced to five years' probation on charges of child neglect.

Maryland residents Michael and Heather Martin were sentenced in the Frederick County Circuit Court on Monday, according to the Baltimore Sun. As part of the couple’s Alford plea agreement, the parents maintain their innocence but concede that the evidence acquired evidence would probably result in a guilty verdict.

The allegations of child neglect came after the Martins posted over 300 “prank” videos that many people found cruel.

Rose Hall, the biological mother of two of the children in the videos, was disappointed with the sentence. Hall is the mother 10-year-old Cody and 11-year-old Emma. 

Although the videos from the channel have been deleted, the Baltimore Sun reported the “pranks” involved Michael and Heather yelling at the children, using obscenities around the children and Michael even shoves his young son, Cody, causing him to get a bloody nose.

After the Martins and their five children underwent psychological evaluations, a neuropsychologist determined Cody and Emma suffered "mental injury" as a result of the videos, said Frederick County Assistant State's Attorney Lindy Angel.

The couple’s three other kids are Heather Martin’s biological children and were not part of the investigation.  

Under probation, the Martin’s cannot contact Emma, Cody, or their biological mother without court permission. They are also barred from posting images or videos of the children to social media unless it’s deemed a legitimate reason. They also have to submit to mental health treatment as suggested by a supervising agent, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: DaddyOFive via Facebook)


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