Viral Video Shows White Cops Breaking Car Window And Pointing Guns At Couple During Traffic Stop

Viral Video Shows White Cops Breaking Car Window And Pointing Guns At Couple During Traffic Stop

Many are debating the driver's decision to not give the officers his ID.

Published September 13, 2017

A viral Facebook video showing a traffic stop in Kansas which resulted in a broken window and drawn weapons has sparked much debate over who was right and wrong. 

In the video,  25-year-old Jonathan Devan Ayers, of Colorado Springs, refuses to produce identification to a Saline County Sheriff’s deputy. Throughout the 20-minute long video, tensions between the passengers and the responding officer mount until weapons are pointed in the car and the deputy, along with a Salina Police Officer, break the car window to arrest Ayers and a female driver, reported Hays Post.

The stop occurred on Sept. 2 on Interstate 70 in Salina.

According to Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan, Ayers and Tia Lashawn Jones were pulled over for driver failing to maintain a lane. In the video, the deputy approaches the passenger side and asks for identification. Ayers refused to show ID and instead said, “You are pulling us over without a crime.”

  1. Ayers then adds 'we are travelers, we don’t need identification'

    Soldan said when Ayers was talking over the deputy, he was obstructing the deputy from completing the traffic stop.

    Eventually, the couple inside the car starts praying and repeating “flee from this car right now demon.”

    The deputy then calls for backup in the middle of the couple’s prayers and says again, “Sir, please, provide me with a driver’s license.”

    Near the end of the video, a Salina Police Officer is seen pointing a weapon at Ayers. The Officer bangs on the hood of the car once before the deputy breaks out the window.

    Ayers and Jones scream as the officers place them in custody.

    Sheriff Soldan said that Jones was operating the vehicle with a suspended license. She is also facing interference with law enforcement and misdemeanor obstruction charges. Ayers was arrested for interference with law enforcement and obstruction.

  2. The video, which has nearly 7 million views, has some people saying the passengers in the car were at fault
  3. Others feel Ayers and Jones committed no crime

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: The People's Content via Facebook)


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