Woman Arrested For Shooting Boyfriend In His Sleep And Dismembering His Body With A Machete

Woman Arrested For Shooting Boyfriend In His Sleep And Dismembering His Body With A Machete

Cierra Sutton allegedly dumped his remains in various dumpsters around Texas.

Published September 19, 2017

A Texas woman was arrested near New Orleans on Thursday in connection with the death of her boyfriend, who was last seen a month ago. 

Cierra Sutton, 30, who was found in Jefferson Parrish, faces a murder charge for the gruesome killing of Steven Coleman. Police accused Sutton of shooting Coleman while he slept, then using a machete to dismember his body, reported ABC 13 Houston.

When Sutton was first booked in Louisiana, she showed little remorse or emotion, said Baytown police.

"Uncaring. No remorse. That's the best way I can describe [her]," Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris told ABC13 at a press conference. 

Investigators say after Sutton chopped up her boyfriend’s body, she left the remains in several dumpsters.  

"We don't know that she necessarily had an accomplice," Lt. Dorris told ABC 13. "We did have some information that there may have been some other people in the area, or in the apartment during this time frame."

Coleman, 32, was last seen on the evening of August 16 and Sutton called the police at one point to file a missing person’s report.

Although there is no known motive, Sutton allegedly admitted to others that she had shot Coleman in the head as he slept after an argument.

A male torso was found on Aug. 22 in a Chambers County landfill that receives trash from dumpsters throughout Baytown and Pasadena. Additionally, Coleman's credit cards were used at a Harris County Walmart after he went missing, said investigators. The person who used Coleman’s card to buy duct tape and a mattress pad was captured on surveillance and resembles Sutton.

During an interview with detectives, one of Coleman's friends said the 32-year-old "told her on numerous occasions if he was ever to go missing, she needed to make sure police looked into [Sutton] as the cause," according to court documents.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: via Getty Images)


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