People Are Saying Lisa Bloom Is A Messy Lawyer Who Lives For Drama And They Love It

WOODLAND HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Lisa Bloom (L), lawyer for Montia Sabbag, speaks regarding the alleged attack on her clients character after accusations that Sabbag attempted to extort comedian Kevin Hart during a press conference held at The Bloom Firm September 20, 2017 in Woodland Hills, California.  The scandal stems from a provocative video taken in Las Vegas last month where both Hart and Sabbag are seen.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

People Are Saying Lisa Bloom Is A Messy Lawyer Who Lives For Drama And They Love It

If ordinary messy people f**k with Bloom, she’ll get them some extraordinary messy celeb money.

Published September 20, 2017

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Lisa Bloom can legally direct you through a last will and testament and ensure a messy, press-filled moment that leads to damages for the “victim.” She gets it from her mutha, literally, one of the messiest media manipulating civil rights attorneys in America, Gloria Allred

It seems Mrs. Bloom, who received her JD from Yale Law, will represent you if it means the cameras and press are coming. She states on her website that her aim is to help "ordinary people seek justice in their lives." If she were to appear on Maury, I bet even his lie detector could not handle that alternative truth. As I scanned through her website, it looked like her iMBD and SAG-AFTRA credits. Celeb here, celeb photo op there and more credits of interviews and TV appearances than I want to count. There were small clippings of justice, I just had to read it line by line to eventually find some ordinary people suing very rich celebs.

A quick Twitter search of #LisaBloom will have you undoubtedly recognizing she may very well be Joanne the Scammer with a JD. 

So it truly got me thinking, does Joanne the Scammer do the Bloom Firm investigations like Kalinda from The Good Wife?  Does Joanne consult her on which clients to take? I would ask for an honorable answer, but I am sure the evidence would be exculpatory.

Taking a look at the client list is like a “who’s who” for an ad from Backpage, “friends” of the housewives with no peach, just pits and those rowdy party extras the camera quickly pans over during a Love & Hip-Hop fight.

-Katrina Yeuw (wanted to join the Boy Scouts of America, sued unsuccessfully)

-Janice Dickinson (legendary runway model, legendary problem)

-Blac Chyna (Successful Kardashian Scammer)

-Montia Sabbag (Kevin Hart’s alleged extortionist who is also allegedly under federal investigation)

-Quantasia Sharpton (Usher’s alleged STD recipient seeking monetary damages and respect)

-Jermaine Edmondson and Bianca Williams (seeking financial restitution over an alleged Draymond Green assault)

I would continue, but my side eye has been in overdrive since the 2016 election. I have no more side eyes. None for the plaintiffs and none for the defendants.

Overall, I can’t say Bloom’s legal efforts are minute. She took out Bill O’Reilly, she protected Kathy Griffin’s freedom of speech to make fun of 45. Now, if she could just find Porsha Williams to sue/scam Ms. Phaedra, all would be good.

Lisa Bloom, allegedly, has no limits and it ain’t safe. Love her or shade her for it, she’s quickly becoming a modern day Robin Hood of alleged "scammers" and going more and more viral every time she files a suit.  Putting your favorite messy celebs on notice and letting everyday messy people know she’s not playing when it comes to getting your coins and securing the bag. “F**k with me and get some money” could be her firm’s new slogan. The press conference is already scheduled. Caucasity in a red power suit.

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Written by Joseph Bryant

(Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


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