Video Of High School Dancers In Revealing Costumes Starts Debate On Sexualization Of Black Women

Video Of High School Dancers In Revealing Costumes Starts Debate On Sexualization Of Black Women

Some found the routine inappropriate while others saw nothing wrong.

Published September 25, 2017

A video of Miami high school dance squad has started an online debate about the sexualization of minors, specifically Black young women. 

In the video, shared by Fly Height, a dance squad in a black and blue costume dances on the sideline of a football game. The video gained much attention because many people criticized their outfits as being too revealing and dance moves to be very suggestive. 

  1. The video, which reportedly features dances from Miami Northwestern Senior High, was also shared by the Shade Room
  2. On Facebook, many people slammed the school and parents for allowing teens to dress and dance in such a fashion
  3. While others argued that the only problem is those who feel the need to sexualize Black women in all circumstances

    "First off these are high school kids non little kids... secondly this is a dance squad and the always dress as such nothing new...all dancers dress like this... why must we sexualize everything... we live in a new age and generation.... why must we call our youth little hoes and whores because of a dance costume... the comments are sick and disgraceful..."

  4. Traci Young-Byron, the team's director, slammed people for engaging in the double standard of dancers

    TEACHABLE MOMENT! So are they strippers in training and trash also? Are their fathers absent from their lives? Are their mothers stupid? Inquiring minds wanna know? These talented beauties are clearly under the age of 10. Is their attire also inappropriate? None of them have on any tights. I'm just trying to figure some of you Black folk out. You see...because I'm a dancer...a real one, I know that these are nothing more than costumes. Costumes that are creative but most importantly, appropriate dance attire that allow for movement w/o restriction. Does it make these little girls hoes? Does it make their directors trash? For the record, I'll never see anything wrong with these images/costumes. #WeGottaDoBetter #TheKidsArentSexualYourBrainsAre

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Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Mrs. Young-Byron via Instagram)


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