Father Of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was On The FBI's Most Wanted List

Father Of Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was On The FBI's Most Wanted List

Patrick Benjamin Paddock escaped from a federal prison in 1969.

Published October 2, 2017

During a conversation with reporters on Monday, the brother of Las Vegas shooting suspect Stephen Paddock revealed their father was a convicted felon on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. 

Eric Paddock said their father, Patrick Benjamin Paddock, was a bank robber who was sought by the FBI after escaping a federal prison in 1969, reported the New York Daily News.

Patrick Benjamin Paddock, also known as "Chromedome" and "Old Baldy," was arrested in 1960 after robbing the Valley National Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. During this time, he lived with his wife and four kids in Tucson. Paddock got away with over $4,600 from the robbery.

Two days after the robbery, Paddock surrendered to police after a shooting altercation with authorities left him with a shattered windshield, reported a 1961 Arizona Republic article.

Although Paddock was also accused of robbing two other Valley National Bank branches of over $20,000, the charges were dropped after his first conviction.

While serving a 20-year sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution at La Tuna in Texas, Paddock made a successful escape in 1969.

A federal warrant for his arrest was issued and he was added to the FBI's 10 most-wanted fugitives list. Paddock remained on the most-wanted list until 1977. The following year, Paddock was arrested in Oregon, where he managed a bingo parlor under the alias Bruce Werner Ericksen. It's believed he died in 1998.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: fbi.gov)


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