Black Professor Shares Voicemail Where He Is Repeatedly Called 'N****r' By Angry Fox News Viewer

Black Professor Shares Voicemail Where He Is Repeatedly Called 'N****r' By Angry Fox News Viewer

Jason Nichols' appearance on "Tucker Carlson" resulted in innumerable hate messages.

Published October 17, 2017

After appearing on Fox News to discuss the topic of Columbus Day, a Black professor was bombarded with racist hate speech and an offensive voicemail from a woman who claimed he wanted every holiday to be "n****r day."

Jason Nichols is a University of Maryland lecturer in the African-American Studies department. While appearing on Fox's Tucker Carlson Tonight, Nichols argued that Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated because his colonization led to "killing 250,000 American citizens in two years."

  1. While speaking with Carlson, Nichols engaged in what some would consider a mild segment as far as Fox News is concerned

    Nichols came to the show to speak on behalf of those who want Columbus Day to be changed to Indigenous Peoples Day. Although Nichols and Carlson disagreed on a few points, the segment was quite smooth.

    Let's not forget, Carlson's show has involved segments in the past wherein the disagreements between the two erupted into a screaming match where no discernible points are understood.

    This was not the case for Nichols. His points were clear, succinct and when he and Carlson disagreed, it was simply spoken. 

    However, for some Fox viewers, the content of Nichols' points was not important. For them, all that mattered was his race and the fact that he was arguing for the removal of a holiday which celebrates a white traveler who stole land.  

  2. After the show, Nichols received several racist emails, which he shared to his Facebook page
  3. In addition, Nichols shared a disgusting voicemail wherein a woman calls him a "n****r" a countless amount of times

    In the nine-minute-long voicemail, an unidentified woman attacked Nichols for his opinions.

    "This fucking n****r, you n*****s are not gonna be satisfied until you change every fucking piece of s**t holiday to n****r day," she said.

    "What about the sand n*****s that got the n****r blood in them? The terrorists, the f**king Syrian Muslim piece of shit ISIS n****r terrorists? I mean how many people do they kill? F**king camel n*****s," she said in response to Nichols saying Columbus killed thousands of indigenous people. 

    Nichols told Buzzfeed News he has not filed a complaint against the woman, who claimed to have been a probation officer. 

    "I think this is bigger than me and it's bigger than her," Nichols told Buzzfeed. "This doesn't represent her. It represents a much larger swath of American people."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jason Nichols via Facebook)


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