A Utah High School Is Investigating A Racist Video Put Out By Teen Students


A Utah High School Is Investigating A Racist Video Put Out By Teen Students

They were repeatedly yelling "F**k n*****s."

Published October 18, 2017

School officials are currently investigating a social media video showing five white teenagers smiling and laughing while chanting "F**k n*****s." The teens allegedly made a 10-second video a year ago during fall break from school, and one of the students recently recirculated the video on her Instagram account.

The teens were yelling "Serggin cuff" over and over, and then used a social media app to rewind it, making it sound like "F**k n*****s." The Weber High School students are all juniors and seniors and three of them are cheerleaders, said Lane Findlay, a spokesman for the school district.

Officials were informed about the video clip on Monday after it went viral on social media.

The students have been instructed not to return to school while the district investigates the footage and decides on disciplinary measures, Findlay mentioned. "We have to get all the facts first," he said Wednesday. "We want to look at everything before we take serious disciplinary actions."

After an interview with the students, Findlay said the group claimed that they were only "playing around saying gibberish words" and then tried a random phrase. Findlay, however, is sure that they knew what they were doing.

"They were kids joking around and it's unfortunate that they engaged in this kind of conduct, but that doesn't excuse it," he said.

The school district wrote that "racism, whether intentional or not, has no place in our school or society," but Findlay still has not elaborated on what type of disciplinary measures will be taken. Students who partake in extracurriculars, however, are generally held to a higher standard, Findlay added, and therefore can receive a punishment that is more severe.

Officials have exchanged words with the teens on multiple occasions and they "have all been very remorseful and apologetic for their actions," Findlay said.

Other students who saw the video shared it across their social media accounts and it quickly went viral from there.

When her Instagram account was still active, one of the students replied to a comment, saying, "I'm not f**king racist. The person I'm closest to is black and had always loved them," she wrote. "Just thought I would set the record straight."

After widespread backlash, the teens apparently deleted their social media profiles.

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo: Getty Images)


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