White Man Charged For Fatally Shooting His Ex-Girlfriend's Black Boyfriend Who He Referred To As A 'N****r'

(Photo: Hamilton County Justice Center)

White Man Charged For Fatally Shooting His Ex-Girlfriend's Black Boyfriend Who He Referred To As A 'N****r'

Earl Jones and Kevin Neri exchanged angry messages before the deadly attack.

Published October 19, 2017

A planned fist fight between a woman’s ex-boyfriend and her current turned into a deadly altercation, devastating an Ohio community. 

Tensions flared when Earl Jones posted a "half-naked" picture of the mother of his child and ex-girlfriend, Cyerra Prather, according to testimony given by the victim's friend Jason Yazell. Jones was reportedly upset that Prather had started a relationship with 19-year-old Kevin Neri, who is biracial, reported Cincinnati.com.

However, when the two came face to face in May 2016, Jones pulled out a gun, began shooting at an unarmed Neri and then sped away in his car.

After the shooting, Jones drove to the Hamilton County Sheriff's District 1 station and turned himself in. As the trial for the shooter took place this week, Jones argued that he acted in self-defense, yet testimonies from Prather and Yazell seem to prove otherwise.

For several months before the shooting, Jones expressed outrage that Prather was dating a Black man and would often refer to Neri as a “n****r” in messages to his ex. Jones and Neri even exchanged tense text and Facebook messages with each other.

On Monday, Prather testified and said Jones drove to her house to pick up their son on the night of the shooting. Neri, Yazell and another unidentified friend were awaiting Jones’ arrival just in case he brought several people to fight Neri.  

When Jone arrived, Neri was standing at the front door with Prather. When Neri approached Jones at the end of the walkway, the suspect fired a shot and said "you’re not going to let me see my kid,” according to testimony from Yazell. Jones then fired two more rounds from the .38-caliber revolver, according to testimony. 

Both Yazell and Prather said Neri didn't have a gun. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Hamilton County Justice Center)


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