Young Mom Of Four Says Her Out Of Control Sex Addiction Resulted In Her Sleeping With Over 100 Men And Contracting STDs While Pregnant

Young Mom Of Four Says Her Out Of Control Sex Addiction Resulted In Her Sleeping With Over 100 Men And Contracting STDs While Pregnant

Monique Price said her fiancé helped her on the road to recovery.

Published November 9, 2017

A woman from St. Charles, Missouri, is speaking out about her 10-year sex addiction that she says almost destroyed her life. 

Monique Price, 25, says she’s had sex over 1,000 times with over 100 sexual partners, reported the Daily Mail. Price said her addiction started around age 15, when she first became sexually active.

Although sex addictions are sometimes not taken as seriously as drug addictions, the 25-year-old mother of four knew she had a problem when she contracted several STDs while pregnant from having unprotected sex with multiple partners.  

“You will do anything to get that hit and you don't care how you get it or who you hurt along the way,” Monique told Daily Mail. “I was definitely a bad mother. I would put my children to sleep and then leave the house to have sex and wouldn't come back for days.”

“Even when I was pregnant with my fourth child, the desire for sex just get stronger because of the hormones and I would have unprotected sex with lots of different guys.

“I picked up STDs that could have killed my unborn child and still I didn't stop because my body didn't want me to.”

Monique told the news outlet about losing her virginity at 14 and telling her general practitioner about “uncontrollable urges” she experienced. However, her doctor said her feelings were normal teenage hormones.

While living at home with her parents, the then-teenager would sneak different men into the house when her parents weren't home and regularly engaged in phone sex. She also had sex with women and engaged in BDSM sex and pornography.

Recently, Monique felt her life was spiraling out of control, until she met Brandon, 31, who turned her life around. She met Brandon on a dating website and what started out as a one night stand turned into an eight-month relationship, which resulted in a marriage proposal.

The couple had a child together in July 2017.

Although Monique still feels the desire to have sex “at least six times a day,” Brandon has helped her control her urges and the couple has sex twice a week.

“He made me feel so safe and I fell in love with him straight away. He saved my life,” Monique told Daily Mail. “I realized that he loved me because he wasn't like any other man I had been with before. He actually cared about me and wanted to start a family with me.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Caters News)


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