Disgusting Video Shows Racist White Man Call An Asian Passenger A 'Chinese N****r' And Slap Him While On A San Francisco Train

Disgusting Video Shows Racist White Man Call An Asian Passenger A 'Chinese N****r' And Slap Him While On A San Francisco Train

Victim Charles Wu was frustrated other riders didn't intervene.

Published November 16, 2017

A viral video captured on a San Francisco metro train which shows a man calling an Asian passenger racial slurs while physically assaulting him. 

In the footage, captured on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train, a man threatens the passenger, who does not appear to have provoked him in any way. What’s more, other passengers on the train do not intervene.

BART police said they received three calls from riders around 10 p.m. on Monday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. When police arrived to the train, the attacked was no longer in the car.

Fellow passenger Wiseley Wu recorded part of the verbal and physical assault and uploaded the clip online.

“I’ll punch you down,” the man threatens. “Chinese n****r.”

As the man continues on his tirade, a white passenger sitting next to the victim gets up and walks away. The man then approaches the victim, later identified as Charles Wu, and slaps him.

According to Charles Wu, the altercation began when he asked the man to stop using a racial slur, which prompted him to become irate.

“No one was saying anything and it was a BART full of people,” Charles told the Chronicle. “I had enough, so I told him, ‘Sir, you need to stop talking.’”

As the attack continues and the man goes in to hit Charles another time, Charles gets up from his seat and prepares to fight back. This leads another passenger to step in and keep Charles from fighting.

“He’s drunk, man, he’s not even worth it,” the passenger tells Charles.

Wiseley Wu said he was notifying authorities as he recorded on his phone.

“We see a lot of crazy things on BART and I thought it’d be over in no time,” Wiseley told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But it kept getting worse and worse and I never expected to see something like this in front of me, I didn’t know what to respond.”

Once the attacker left, other riders on the train patted Charles on the back and showed their support. However, Charles says he felt frustrated no one did anything in the moment.

“Everyone got loud once he got off, saying he’s a disgrace and stuff like that,” Charles told the San Francisco Chronicle. “During it, I was just angry and frustrated that this guy is saying all this terrible stuff and no one said anything to stop him.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: pacmanwu via Youtube)


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