Mom Who Used Her Body As A Shield During School Shooting Bled Out While Bystanders Ignored Her Calls for Help

Mom Who Used Her Body As A Shield During School Shooting Bled Out While Bystanders Ignored Her Calls for Help

31-year-old Tiffany Phommathep was shot five times while protecting her children.

Published November 18, 2017

A mother was shot while she was shielding her son during a Northern California shooting at her son’s school school and was tragically ignored by several people in a position to provide assistance.

31-year-old Tiffany Phommathep was dropping off one of her three children at an elementary school when a gunman opened fire into her car on Tuesday morning (November 14).

She used her body as a shield and flung herself over her 10-year-old son while rounds were being fired into her vehicle. She would be shot five times and subsequently bled while going in and out of consciousness. She was able to drive away and later pulled up to a woman to ask for help.

According to local station KCRA, Phommathep, who miraculously survived the attack, said she told the woman she was shot and dying and needed help, to which the bystander, who was in a car, reportedly replied that she couldn’t help because her car was only a two-seater and she was already late for work.

“That hurt my heart a lot to hear her say that,” Phommathep added. Her other children were harmed by the attack, either by bullets or shattered glass, however they too are expected to make a full recovery.

Phommathep then went on to ask three more people who all refused to help her until she finally located a deputy sheriff.

“I think they just didn't want to get involved in case I was being, like, chased by some lunatic that was trying to gun me down,” she said.  

The gunman was later identified as 43-year-old Kevin Janson Neal. Police shot and killed him near the Rancho Tehama Elementary School where he had fired more than 100 bullets through the walls and windows of the school. In all, four people were killed and 10 more were injured, including two children.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the Phommathep family with medical bills.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Tiffany Phommathep's Go Fund Me)


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