Man Accused Of Hacking Off Father's Penis And Bashing His Head In, Leaving Brain Matter On The Walls, Then Posting Selfies To Facebook

(Photo: Chicago Police Department)

Man Accused Of Hacking Off Father's Penis And Bashing His Head In, Leaving Brain Matter On The Walls, Then Posting Selfies To Facebook

Carlton Edmondson reportedly chuckled when prosecutors read details of the attack.

Published November 29, 2017

A 26-year-old man, who was recently served a court order to stay away from his father, made his first court appearance after getting arrested and charged for brutally killing the 61-year-old man. 

Carlton Edmondson of Chicago faces a single count of first-degree murder in addition to pending charges for violating the order of protection his father, Carl Edmondson, took out on him, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to Cook County prosecutors, Carlton murdered Carl on Nov. 25 and then mutilated the body in the basement before posting a series of selfies to Facebook.

When Assistant State’s Attorney Julia Ramirez spoke of the order of protection Carlton is accused of violating, the suspected shouted out in court.

“The order of protection is gone,” he said, smiling. “He is no longer living.”

Throughout the bond hearing on Tuesday, Carlton laughed softly to himself when Ramirez went into detail about how Carl Edmondson’s body was found with his skull crushed, with blood and brain matter splattered on the floor and walls.

According to prosecutors, Carlton is also accused of cutting off Carl Edmondson’s penis — which he laughed about while in court.

Police found Carl’s body when Carlton’s uncle asked the police to conduct a welfare check when he saw the younger Edmondson in the house when he was not supposed to be there.  

When police arrived at Carl’s home, Carlton answered the door and said his father was “at the hospital,” Ramirez said.

Carl’s body, which reportedly smelled of gasoline, was found inside the house, and investigators also found a black jacket that appeared to be the one Carlton Edmondson was wearing in pictures he posted to Facebook on Saturday.

In the photos Carlton posted, he was grinning while wearing a jacket that appears to have blood spatter.

The captions of the photo read:

“EyEm OAWn mA pEriOd #beebop #silenceofthelambs #gdshit #chevezwhatupfolkz,” and “EyE sIlEnCed thE LahmeDs.”

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ruled that the elder Edmondson died of multiple injuries from assault.

Assistant Public Defender Kevin Ochalla asked that Carlton Edmondson be evaluated at the jail hospital, which prompted the suspect to shout.

“He got my death-body, G!” Carlton said, pointing a finger at Ochalla. “I’ma kill him.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Chicago Police Department)


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