Man Who Shared Viral Post About White Woman Questioning His First Class Ticket Apologizes For The Negative Attention She Received

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Man Who Shared Viral Post About White Woman Questioning His First Class Ticket Apologizes For The Negative Attention She Received

Many appreciated Emmit Walker's message but thought he shouldn't be the one apologizing.

Published December 8, 2017

This week, a Washington, D.C.-based music executive named Emmit Walker became a viral name when his story about a white woman who doubted he belonged in first class was covered by every major outlet. Although many people applauded Walker's handling of the situation, he now feels he went too far and has offered an apology.

On Dec. 5, Walker shared a picture of the woman waiting in the pre-boarding line of his flight. The photo, and caption that followed, has already received over 700K likes and 250K shares. Most of the comments posted to Walker's photo have pointed out the subtle racism displayed by the woman.

However, Walker's most recent video apologizes to the woman for any negative attention she may be receiving as a result of the viral post. 

  1. Walker took a break from his 37th birthday celebration in the Dominican Republic to share the apology

    Along with a video, Walker wrote on Instagram:

    "When i posted that post on Facebook i didn’t expect all that to come from it. I can honestly name the four or five people i thought would comment with something funny, and that will be it. This racist stuff is definitely a issue but this is not the solution to that issue. It brings me no joy waking up in paradise to for my 37 bday and knowing that woman might be going threw hell. The story was definitely real, just like this issue is definitely real, but i now know that I myself should of handled it another way, or left it how it was, and not shared It publicly. When dealing with people i always try to stay on the side of Right, so to make sure I never do anybody wrong, I try to always put myself in that persons shoes, and ask how would I feel if that person did this to me, and if I was her this morning i would be a total wreak today, and that doesn’t help this situation, or only makes them more angry, and bring more drama...SO I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE AGAIN TO THE WOMAN I HAD THIS ENCOUNTER WITH YESTERDAY. NO MATTER HOW WRONG YOUR ACTIONS YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS"

  2. Although many appreciated Walker's apology, they wondered if it was necessary
  3. Some even felt his apology made Walker more of a class act

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jodi Jacobson/Getty Images)


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