Keaton Jones' Mother Cashing Out The Money From The GoFundMe Campaign Has Become A New Scam Meme

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Keaton Jones' Mother Cashing Out The Money From The GoFundMe Campaign Has Become A New Scam Meme

For anyone looking to re-direct their donation to a legitimate anti-bullying fund, here's who to contact.

Published December 13, 2017

Although the details of Keaton Jones and his family's controversial past has become a topic of debate, the serious nature surrounding allegations of racism has not stopped people from turning the story into a meme. 

Leave it to millennials to take any situation and meme it. 

This time, the somewhat sketchy details of the GoFundMe started by a stranger for Keaton Jones' family was turned into a social media trend. The campaign, which raised nearly $60K for Keaton, has been halted by GoFundMe while they investigate whether Keaton's mother, Kimberly, will actually be the beneficiary of the money. 

  1. In the meantime, people have memed the Jones family after they quickly cash out the GoFundMe money
  2. Kimberly's alleged racist views and the high pay off have been combined in many of the memes
  3. Even Keaton's other family members were used in the posts
  4. No one was spared from the power of the meme
  5. Although the memes were made in humor, they have made some worry about making illegitimate donations to Keaton's family

    Unfortunately, getting a refund after donating to a GoFundMe campaign is no easy task. In most cases, the money cannot be returned after it's been deposited by the owner of the account. 

    Also, GoFundMe has stated on their website that they will only offer refunds in cases of fraud and not when someone changes their mind. 

    On the GoFundMe refund website, these are reasons the company will guarantee a refund:

    "Any of these actions are considered misuse of GoFundMe:

    • The campaign organizer doesn’t deliver funds to the intended beneficiary
    • The campaign description is intentionally misleading to donors
    • The campaign organizer or beneficiary is charged with a crime related to misrepresentations made in their campaign"

    However, the following reasons do not constitute a refund from the company:

    "These situations do not qualify for a refund under the GoFundMe Guarantee. Please see our Guarantee Policy for full details.

    • A refund of a donation to your own campaign
    • Regretting the donation
    • Refunds for offline donations
    • A personal disagreement with the campaign organizer or beneficiary"

    If you would like to still request a refund, reach out to the owner of the campaign you donated to, and if you need to escalate, contact GoFundMe here for further assistance. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Getty Images)


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