5-Year-Old Boy Adorably Calls 911 To Stop The Grinch And Is Rewarded With A Memorable Christmas Experience

Jim Carrey with arms crossed in a scene from the film 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas', 2000. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

5-Year-Old Boy Adorably Calls 911 To Stop The Grinch And Is Rewarded With A Memorable Christmas Experience

TyLon Pittman's enthusiasm had the police department ready to hire him.

Published December 19, 2017

As children, we are taught that in times of emergency, the best solution is to immediately dial 911 and alert authorities. In the case of 5-year-old TyLon Pittman, he wanted to make sure everyone had the best Christmas, so he did what he was taught and called 911 to report the Grinch. 

TyLon recently watched Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time and, after seeing what the green monster did to Whoville, TyLon decided to save the residents of his home in Jackson, Mississippi.

He told his mom he called 911 on Saturday to report the Grinch.

"You better not have," his mom, TeResa Pittman, replied, assuming he was joking.

However, there is no joking when it comes to saving Christmas. About an hour later, an officer turned up at their residence. TyLon's brother, TeDera Dwayne Graves, who had just returned home from the Air Force, opened the door to find an officer from the Byram Police Department.

"I'm looking for a little boy who was watching The Grinch," Officer Lauren Develle explained. "He called to say the Grinch is going to steal his Christmas."

When TyLon came to the door, he saw the officer and knew she arrived to catch the Grinch. TyLon brought over a phone and showed her the evidence of the Grinch and his merciless attempt to steal Christmas.

"He was so serious," Graves told CBS News. "The look on his face was so serious. That's what made it so funny."

  1. Pittman recorded the entire exchange on video

    "I want him to come to my house and take him to jail," TyLon told the officer. "I want to get him."

    "We can take him to jail if he comes and tries to steal your Christmas," Develle promised the child. "The Grinch is not going to come and steal your Christmas. I'm not going to let that happen."

    Just to make sure TyLon’s concerns were met, the police department invited him to the station on Monday night to help lock up the Grinch for good. 

  2. Once he arrived, he was met by Develle and Byram Police Chief Luke Thompson, who led him to a holding cell in the back, where the Grinch was being held. TyLon was given the honorof closing the door and throwing away the key.

    "He would not let him out at all," Graves told CBS News.

    After locking up the Grinch for good, TyLon joined Thompson for a tour of the police station. He was given a goodie bag, sat in the front of a squad car and got his very own copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

    "The police chief told him, 'I'm going to give you these little handcuffs and little police car now, but when you turn 21, come back here. We'll give you an application,'" Graves said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Universal/Getty Images)


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