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Man Arrested For Punching Girlfriend In The Shower Because Someone Ate The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie

(Photo: Port St Lucie Police Department)

Man Arrested For Punching Girlfriend In The Shower Because Someone Ate The Last Chocolate Chip Cookie

Richard Hessic told police he was angry she was "not taking him seriously."

Published December 21, 2017

A Florida man has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly angrily punching his girlfriend in the face because she ate the last of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. 

Richard Hessic, 31, was arrested Thursday evening after police were called to his Port St. Lucie home, which he shared with the unidentified victim, a 34-year-old nurse, reported The Smoking Gun.

According to a police report, the fight over the cookies escalated to violence when Hessic tried to confront her about the missing dessert but she “did not want to argue over something so petty.”

After 911 was called and police arrived on the scene, Hessic was questioned and admitted to getting into an argument with his girlfriend “over cookies.” In the arrest report, an investigator with the Port St. Lucie Police Department noted that Hessic “was upset someone ate the last chocolate chip cookie,” and was angry “at his girlfriend for not taking him seriously.”

Hessic believed she was “blowing him off,” which prompted him to follow her to the shower and rip down the curtain.

The victim told authorities Hessic was angry that “the last of his favorite cookies were eaten,” but to her, the missing cookie was not a serious issue. She felt the cookie was so insignificant that she joked to Hessic about “reviewing the surveillance cameras to see who ate the cookie.”

The victim also told investigators she “did not want to argue over something so petty” and told Hessic that she would purchase more cookies for him.

However, Hessic, displeased with her response, was so furious that after he tore down the shower curtain, he “punched her on the left side of her face,” according to the police report.

A judge has ordered Hessic to have no contact with his girlfriend and has placed him on house arrest with GPS monitoring, according to court records. Hessic has previously been arrested for battery, fleeing and eluding, child abuse, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and violating probation.

Hessic will be arraigned December 28 on the misdemeanor count.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Port St Lucie Police Department)


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