This Teen's Viral Gift Giving Videos Are Making Us Tear Up

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This Teen's Viral Gift Giving Videos Are Making Us Tear Up

Watching these kids' faces light up over new toys and clothes is what this time of years' all about.

Published December 23, 2017

For everything bad that’s happened in 2017, there’s certainly a place for some good news to cheer us up.

  1. Enter Roderick Mathis.

    The Lancaster, Texas high school student showed up to school recently and reminded us what the holiday spirit is all about.

    Video captured by him, shows him giving new Vans shoes to two special-needs students and their reaction was priceless.

  2. Officials from the shoe company reportedly thanked Mathis for his kindness and gave him 50 more pairs of shoes to give to others.

  3. "Thanks to Vans I can continue to make people happy so can somebody from Desoto get me in touch with they principal," Mathis said in a video he posted on his Instagram.

    Becoming a boss can definitely start at an early age. What a great story.

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Written by Paul Meara

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