This Brave Woman Recorded Herself Confronting Her Sexual Abuser At A Family Event

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This Brave Woman Recorded Herself Confronting Her Sexual Abuser At A Family Event

In graphic detail, she recalled to everyone what happened to her when she was a child.

Published December 25, 2017

Revealing stories of sexual assault have become a lot more common these days. Most revealing is done through press releases, written social media posts or in the midst of a newly-filed lawsuit.

Not many stories are told for the first time directly in-front of the accused. That’s what happened recently though to a young woman who outed her alleged abuser at a family function.

The woman, whose name wasn’t revealed, recently took to social media while at a family gathering and selfie video'ed her story with an older man she claims touched her inappropriately numerous times when she was a child.

“There’s a time and a place for everything so I’m trying to be strong,” she says in starting the video. “But I want to introduce you to somebody. This guy right here, when I was six years old, he molested me in a bed when I was with my cousins Brittany and James and my little brother Isaiah, in the bed. You remember that, Lance? Remember when you was touching on me and washed my draws out? You remember that? When you told me not to tell none of my aunts? And you put a quarter in my pocket? You remember what you did? You know you a registered sex offender online?

“You know that? You did other little girls the same way you did me,” she continued. “And you sitting here eating my family f***in food after you touched a little girl that was a child? That’s what the f**k you here doing? It’s a time and a place for everything and I’m paying my respects and allowing you to pay your f***ing f***ed up respects even though you never even went to go see my cousin, right? How do you feel touching little ass girls. There’s free p***y everywhere and you had to touch on me?”

"Lance" is seen just eating food (as she describes) while the woman calls him out for his alleged wrongdoing.

It takes a lot of nerve to pull off something like this. We’ll bring you more details about this story as they become available.

Watch the full video below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Getty Images)


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