People Are Hilariously Going In On Trump For Saying He's A 'Very Stable Genius' And 'Like, Really Smart' And We're Screaming

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 20:  U.S. President Donald Trump (C) speaks during an event to celebrate Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Republican members of the House and Senate on the South Lawn of the White House December 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. The tax bill is the first major legislative victory for the GOP-controlled Congress and Trump since he took office almost one year ago. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

People Are Hilariously Going In On Trump For Saying He's A 'Very Stable Genius' And 'Like, Really Smart' And We're Screaming

Via Twitter, 45 also called the Russian collusion investigation, which is far from over, a "total hoax."

Published January 6, 2018

Remember that scene in The Godfather, Pt. II, when Michael confronts Fredo about who approached him to get close enough to the family to riddle the Corleone home with machine gun fire?

  1. We know Fredo’s intentions weren’t to harm the Don, but it painted him as um, stupid. During the infamous scene, Michael then informs his older brother that, “you’re dead to me,” but right before, Fredo proclaims that he isn’t dumb, yelling, “I’m smart!”

  2. As they say, history repeats itself, and while The Godfather trilogy was not technically word-for-word and real-life mimicking, it seems that The Donald has been taking his cue from the 1974 film, and took to Twitter this morning to let everyone know that he’s “smart.”

    In a series of tweets, Trump, amid the just-released and scandalous Michael Wolff book that painted the president as uninformed and uninterested in reading or comprehending the most simple of policy or procedure, denied he's ignorant and said he's a "very stable genius."

  3. As you've already predicted, this had Twitter gasping for air after the laughs piled in. Everything from what he said to how he said it was under fire.

    Remember everyone, if you have to try to prove an insecurity of yours isn't true, it probably is.

    And while this is a good form of comic relief (lord knows we need it at this time), Bob Mueller can deliver those Oval Office indictments any time now.

    In the meantime, see the hilarious reaction to Trump's latest tweets below.

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)


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