HIV-Positive Former Track Coach Sentenced To 105 Years In Prison On Child Pornography Charges

HIV-Positive Former Track Coach Sentenced To 105 Years In Prison On Child Pornography Charges

One victim's mother said her son is now in need of psychiatric care.

Published January 8, 2018


On Tuesday, the Maryland HIV-Positive former track coach and school aide who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing male students was sentenced to 105 years in prison by a U.S. District Court judge.

Carlos DeAngelo Bell, 30, was sentenced on federal child pornography charges involving 10 minors reported the Washington Post.

In January, Bell admitted he coerced children to engage in sexually explicit conduct to produce child pornography from 2014 to 2016.

During the sentencing hearing, a letter written by one victim’s mother was read aloud. The mother said she takes her son every six months to be tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Her son’s grades also dropped and he is now in need of psychiatric care.

“She finds herself in a particular hell,” said the sentencing judge, Paul W. Grimm

Grimm told Bell his crimes forced kids to endure abuse “from someone they had every right to trust.”

“That is really a betrayal, sir,” the judge said.

Grimm said he needed to “impose a sentence that will protect the public.”

None of the victims appeared in court Tuesday. Investigators have said they do not think any victims were infected with the virus.


The HIV-positive former Maryland school aide and track coach who was accused of sexually abusing 42 male students under the age of 18 pleaded guilty on Friday to all charges. 

Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, reached a plea agreement in which he confessed to his guilt to 27 counts, including sexual abuse of a minor, porn charges and attempted transmission of HIV, the state’s attorney for Charles County, Tony Covington told KTLA.

“You really can’t imagine what had to be gone through when investigating this case,” Covington told the news station.

When it comes to the plea agreement, Covington felt it would make an avoidance of a public trial easier and therefor protect the privacy of the young victims involved in the case.

The 27 counts, which were reduced from 206 counts, were brought against Bell for misconduct which occurred from May 2015 to June 2017 against 42 victims who were between 11 to 17 years old, according to Covington.

Bell will be sentenced March 28 and prosecutors are prepared to recommend up to 190 years in prison. Bell also faces federal charges and is due in court again later this month.

Covington said investigators are not aware of any victim testing positive for HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus.

Bell was as an instructional assistant at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and as a track coach at La Plata High School, yet he was removed from both jobs in late 2016 when the investigation first began.  

Charles County Schools Superintendent Kimberly A. Hill applauded the plea deal and told KTLA, “Since learning of the charges against Mr. Bell we have focused on supporting the students affected.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Charles County Sheriff's Office)


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