Woman Says She Was Repeatedly Raped By Her Prison Guard And Given Morning Pill While She Served A 3-Year Sentence

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Woman Says She Was Repeatedly Raped By Her Prison Guard And Given Morning Pill While She Served A 3-Year Sentence

"Maria" tearfully testified against the man who she said "killed me inside."

Published January 10, 2018

A woman emotionally testified against a prison guard who she says repeatedly raped her while she served a three years sentence at a federal jail in Brooklyn.

The woman, who is going by “Maria” in order to protect her identity, tearfully attempted to identify Lt. Carlos Martinez as her alleged attacker during the start of the court hearing on Tuesday, reported AM New York.

“I can’t,” said the 31-year-old former prisoner.

Eventually, “Maria” was able to identify a picture of Martinez and give her chilling testimony about how she was allegedly raped. According to “Maria,” Martinez forced her to perform oral sex at first and then eventually raped her on a desk in a deserted office in 2015. Although he told her he had a vasectomy, he later smuggled a “morning after pill” to her, said “Maria.”

“It was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” said "Maria." “He killed me inside.”

Martinez, 47, of Brooklyn, was one of three officers charged last year with sexual misconduct toward inmates in separate incidents at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

During “Maria’s” testimony, she also revealed she received little sympathy from her fellow inmates, some of whom said she was lucky to be getting sex in prison. “Maria” said she didn’t report the rapes until she was released because she did not want her sentence to be extended.

“I didn’t want any problems,” the woman told prosecutor Nadia Shihata by way of a Spanish translator. “I didn’t want to be there a single day longer . . . He’s a man who has a certain position. Who’s going to believe a person who’s a criminal versus a person who has a position, a life. No.”

Defense lawyer Anthony Ricco challenged “Maria’s” credibility by claiming she made conflicting statements about her life history and only made the rape allegations when she faced deportation.

Prosecutor Shihata told the jury the case was about “power and abuse,” and said there was evidence that Martinez bought anti-pregnancy pills at a Rite Aid near his home on the evening of the alleged rape.

“He even used his Rite Aid rewards card to get a $5 discount,” she said.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: USDOJ)


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