There's An MLK Website Being Run By Neo-Nazis And Its Contents Are Disgusting

Black American civil rights leader Martin Luther King (1929 - 1968) addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, where he gave his 'I Have A Dream' speech.   (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

There's An MLK Website Being Run By Neo-Nazis And Its Contents Are Disgusting

The site labels Martin Luther King Jr. as a "sexual deviant."

Published January 14, 2018

As long as there are people fighting for civil rights, there will be those who try and stop them.

The work of Martin Luther King Jr. to advance the rights of people of color has been celebrated over the years, particularly on the annual day named in his likeness.

There are those out there, especially since The Donald is in office, that are attempting to tarnish King’s legacy. One instance has sprung up recently in the public spotlight, and reportedly, neo-Nazis are behind it.

According to The Daily Beast, a website about Dr. King could spring up in an innocent Google search of the man as MLK Day approaches. That site, run by the neo-Nazi group Stormfront, has managed to make its way onto the first page of Google Search and refers to King as a “sexual deviant.”

The website denounces his January holiday and pushes the conspiracy that the civil rights leader had an “uncontrollable lust and propensity for violence.”

Stormfront purchased the domain in 2001 and its creator, Don Black, is a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Those who don’t subscribe to the racism the website portrays are worried that students doing research on MLK could be mislead.

“Unfortunately, libraries and other authoritative places link to the site, often as part of tutorials warning against sites like that,” Google’s Danny Sullivan wrote in a December 18 tweet about the website. “In turn, they inadvertently pass on authority to the site.”

We know what you’re thinking: couldn’t Google just remove the site from the first page?

“It's not something that will change overnight,” he tweeted. “We aim for algorithmic solutions. That's frustrating, I know, because it takes longer. But it solve a class of issue hopefully more broadly.”

For now, make sure if you have kids doing research on the great MLK, they’re avoiding the racist and hate-filled

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Central Press/Getty Images)


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