Proud Mom Gets Brutally Shamed On Instagram After Posting Video Of Her Twin Toddler Boys Kissing On The Lips

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Proud Mom Gets Brutally Shamed On Instagram After Posting Video Of Her Twin Toddler Boys Kissing On The Lips

Ashlee Muhammad said her "parenting has never been attacked so harshly."

Published January 17, 2018

As the use of social media has continued to rise, proud parents have increased the tender moments they share of their kids. However, parents, specifically mothers, have also seen an increase in the amount of shaming they experience from people on social media.

For one mother, a sweet video of her twin toddlers kissing turned into a viral backlash filled with judgment and homophobia. 

Ashlee Muhammad recently posted a video of her twin boys, Jet Pharaoh and Nova Maximus, giving each other a sweet kiss during daycare drop off. The comment section of the video, which has now received nearly one million views, initially started out as innocent as the video yet quickly attracted more and more comments calling the post "inappropriate," reported Pop Sugar.

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  2. Although many found the video to be adorable, some overreacted and called out the boys and their mother

    "All I'm saying she could have taught them to kiss on the cheek," wrote one Instagram user.

    "No offense given, but my father would never [do this]. This is too feminine for boys who are supposed to be raised to protect themselves, their mother, and their sisters," commented another.

    Others called the video "gay" and even suggested the behavior could lead to incestuous tendencies. 

  3. Those attempting to shame the mother for the video were met by their own critics

    "How is this homosexuality..? They're literally showing love they way that they currently know how to seeing as thought they are children. And as far as teaching young black boys to be 'feminine', no. But there is nothing at all wrong with teaching little boys about compassion and expressing their feelings. Too many black males are out here beating on their girlfriends and wife's, treating them like hell because people like you teach them that talking about their feelings and showing love is gay 🙄 maybe if n****s parents thought them more about love there wouldn't be as much black on black crime. Ya so scared of looking gay but look like monsters in the eyes of not only white people but damn near everyone because of this dumbass mindset," wrote one user.

  4. After reading the negative comments, Muhammad shared another post wherein she directly addressed the comments

    "I would have NEVER in a million years thought that something posted out of pure love and admiration for my children would have turned into all of this, " she wrote. "My parenting has NEVER been attacked so harshly in MY LIFE. I don't expect everyone to think what I believe is right, but I also don't take kindly to disrespect . . . If this has taught me anything it's that the world is in a more damaged and scary place then I thought. To all of you who defended [us], thank you."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: KOALA2 by Images)


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