Man Charged With Murder For Raping, Torturing, And Setting A Woman's Crotch On Fire Then Leaving A Message Using His Victim's Blood

(Photos: Kiro 7 News)

Man Charged With Murder For Raping, Torturing, And Setting A Woman's Crotch On Fire Then Leaving A Message Using His Victim's Blood

Michael A. Giordano wrote satanic messages using the victim's blood to throw off the police.

Published January 19th

A 23-year-old Seattle man confessed to the torturous killing of 63-year-old Jennifer Ayers , who was rape and set on fire at her lake house last week. 

Michael A. Giordano was charged with aggravated first-degree murder Wednesday, and bail was set at $10 million, reported Q13 News.

According to court documents, Giordano delivered a detailed confession to police about the random killing. Giodano said Ayers was selected at random and he chose her mostly because of the cars parked outside of her house.

Giordano said he found an unlocked door to the house, went inside, and tied Ayers up with cords from an Xbox controller. He then stabbed her multiple times while trying to get her to disclose the location of her valuable goods.  

Giordano said he then raped and killed her, and afterward he set her on fire in an effort to hide any evidence of the rape.

When police found Ayers’ body, they saw satanic messages written on the walls in her blood. Giordano said he wrote the messages to mislead police into thinking the killer had satanic beliefs, according to court documents obtained by KCPQ-TV.

Giordano was found when a family spotted him covered in blood and looking very disheveled. He told the family that he’d been mugged; however, when someone else saw him throwing Ayers’ belongings into bushes, they called police.  

Police were then sent to conduct a welfare check at Ayers’s house and when they arrived, they heard the smoke alarm. Upon entering, they found Ayers’s body still burning.

Ayers’s neighbor Erika Olsen was shocked and terrified by the gruesome murder.

"I've never heard of anything, actually in my life, as terrible and disgusting as that ever," Olsen told Q13. "I can't even imagine the torture. I can't even imagine. Just thinking about it kind of makes me want to throw up."

Olsen also could not believe Giordano picked his victim at random.

"It could’ve just been anybody.  Any house he could've picked," said Olson. "It could’ve been ours, and I was home that day and I had left my door unlocked earlier that day so I just--it's so hard to even find the words to even say."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos: Kiro 7 News)


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