This Woke Kid Slammed His Teacher For Telling 'Lies' About Christopher Columbus And American History

This Woke Kid Slammed His Teacher For Telling 'Lies' About Christopher Columbus And American History

His teacher was "disappointed in him" but others hope to raise children as thoughtful as King.

Published January 23rd

A seemingly simple school assignment on Columbus Day quickly turned into a viral sensation when people realized a particular child's response was one of the wokest things they've ever seen. 

No information is known about the child who turned in the assignment, what school he attends or who posted the original photo. However, we do know that King can be an example to all children. 

  1. A photo of King's note was posted all over social media, where it was shared thousands of times

    It appears that at the end of each day, students are asked to complete journal entries about what they've learned and ask any lingering questions. 

    King wasted no time by starting with, "Today was not a good learning day.”

    He then went on to write, “You said something wrong and I can’t listen when I hear lies." 

    The next thing King wrote should be trademarked for every generation that will come after his. King hilariously wrote, "the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace" (and if you don't know, now you know). 

    King explained he does not acknowledge Christopher Columbus “because Columbus didn’t find our country the Indians did.”

    At the end of his entry, King asks "how can white people teach Black history?"

  2. When King's teacher said wrote 'very disappointed,' he hit her back with the best use of 'ok' we've ever seen
  3. King's teacher may not have been amused but people on Facebook certainly were
  4. Some wondered why the teacher did not engage with King's criticism
  5. Needless to say, King is going places

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson/Getty Images)


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